This is how you eat the booty.
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About Me

My name is Kim and I like to fangirl and edit things. Am I a Taylor, JJ, Shawn, or Cam girl? The world may never know. I also may or may not be totally in love with Calum Hood?!?!?
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I mainly post magcon, 5sos, Teen Wolf + Supernatural.

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    I'm gonna be pretty busy this summer so I have my queue is always filled up with the max 300 posts.
    I'll still be making edits and crud for you all:-)

    In other news, my Luke feels have been through the roof lately. :-( 5sos album makes me cry :-))))


    - posted ff
    - something coming soon when i reach my next thousand :)
    - birthday page: I am so sorry, but I am unable to make so many edits for the people in it bc at the time, I didn't know I would be so busy throughout the rest of the year :-( And I didn't know that many people would actually be apart of it! I'll still try to make edits, but they'll be super late: sorry. i suck :-(

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    July 31
    WWA 1D ft 5sos concert

    August 5
    Panic! At The Disco concert

    August 9
    Dungeon aka School

    September 3
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