i hope you fall in love with someone who makes you question why you ever thought you would be better off alone


guess who’s stressing about school starting on Wednesday


‘cause this is trouble, yeah this is trouble

Someone talk to me about once upon a time


Bc I cried trough every episode in season two and season three is hitting me hard

And I fell in love with robbie



we are always talking about JOX friendship but look at her relation with Nash awh

August 30, 2014 - Chicago [x]


I’ve saved this since March to post.



why am i so in love w peter pan

he’s one of the reasons i started watching the show jfc i have a new celebrity crush :)P):)P)((SI)(DFS)D(If9sjfiod

Anonymous: pls can you link me your theme 


Sooo sorry I couldn’t get to your messages earlier since I’ve been off tumblr:-( But it is right here. :-)

peter pan in ouat is so so so adorable like im crying

i wish he was a regular on the show sigh:( even tho he’s evil. ugh robbie kay is such a great actor

Someone talk to me about once upon a time

Bc I cried trough every episode in season two and season three is hitting me hard


ouatmeme, [1/10] characters, Peter Pan

"There are no kings in Neverland, just me."


Remember when Bobby took a picture of Emilie and Lana during their on set (communal??) nap time? And in it they were using Robbie (Peter Pan) as a fucking pillow?


How is that even a thing that happened in real life.


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